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Illustrations for ‘Stories to Read by Candlelight’

My recently published translated book, Stories to Read by Candlelight, is excellently illustrated by Erin-Claire Barrow with silhouettes evocative of figures viewed by candlelight. Here are three of the five images to tempt uncertain readers.

My very favourite, coincidentally accompanying my very favourite of the eight stories, is ‘Princess Mandosiane’.

I love the sharp black lines and all the detail such as individual hairs and threads and jewels.

‘Madame Gorgibus’ is also a story I’ve not only translated but read in its original French many times. I feel pity for Mme Gorgibus with every reading.

Here she is, walking left, but in the published book she is walking right. The lace detail on her gown is a very pleasing touch.

Lastly, ‘Marjolaine’, a poem about a girl who is swept off a bridge by the wind, up up up above the church bell tower.

Read the stories and discover two more whimsical illustrations!


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