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The Little Blue Flame

Today is New Year’s Day and I’m very fortunate to have a good start to my translating year with a story published, “The Little Blue Flame”, online in Danse Macabre Literary Magazine. It has actually been published in the U.S. where it’s New Year’s Eve, so technically it was published in 2022! The story is a fairy tale for adults, originally by Catulle Mendès and published in French in 1888. You’ll find my translation here.

This online magazine is an excellent production featuring many new writers of short stories, and the editor reproduces a number of old stories as well that fit his themes of fanciful fiction and classics from beyond the grave. The latter is my category: forgotten classics translated by me. The magazine title of Danse Macabre is deceptive, for not every story is dark. I encourage you to take a look at the web site, interesting on its own with its old graphic art and illustrations from the 19th century (and background music if you wish), and read a few of the quality pieces published in its latest issues.

Every story in this issue 148 is accompanied by art by Paul Klee. The image you see above, “Three Houses and a Bridge”, is from my page in the magazine.


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