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Mariner Award

My translated story ‘Joseph Olenin’s Coat’ has been selected for a Mariner Award by the editors of Bewildering Stories. The Mariner Awards are named after one of the first successful interplanetary missions.

Mariner 2 launch to Venus, August 1962

I like the contrast between the spacecraft shooting powerfully up into the atmosphere, and the powerful troika in the 1886 illustration from the original story, ‘Le Manteau de Joseph Olénine’, by the artist J. Chelmonski.

The surprise message I received from the Managing Editor, Don Webb, says:

You are among the 24 authors represented in the 2019 Mariner Awards. Also called “The Annual Review” by long tradition, the Mariner Awards are Bewildering Stories’ most signal honor.
The titles listed are the ones that the Review Editors have rated most highly in the past year, ones we would recommend — for one reason or another — not only to friends or relatives but to everyone.

I feel very honoured and really very pleased that someone else likes this story as much as I do. Encouragement is always welcome, especially when my translation career is predicted to be as successful as a flight to Venus…



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